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The forming of Christopher John Ltd. evolved from a lifelong commitment to classic road and race cars. When I was young, I remember my dad buying sports cars and visiting shops that ooze personality, where real enthusiasts worked, and sports car fans came to buy and service their cars. These dealerships were more than just a place to buy a car, you were buying into a lifestyle and attitude about driving.

At Christopher John Ltd. we speak sports cars, and we are representing 4 iconic brands. From the classic and historic Morgan to the swift and light Caterham, to the pure racing machine from Crosslé, the UK's longest-running pure racecar constructor. We have also just started representing Dare Ginetta, another great sports car from the 60s. In the near future, we plan on servicing and providing a core group of vintage racers with track service in the tradition of our past, when we built authentic track cars for discriminating owners. We will also be providing warranty service and general service on the cars we sell.
Owning a sports car is a time-honored tradition, buying one from a genuine sports car dealer solidifies the experience; quality service gives peace of mind. Whether your car is intended for a Sunday drive or full-on-track competition, we are behind you 100% as a representative for the brands we sell.

Christopher John LTD is a well-established sports car dealership in the heart of Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach, know as the birthplace of speed & America’s center of racing. It’s a cool place to be and you can feel the Motorsport history as you drive around the area!

We are distinctly different in the fact we are the only authorized Morgan and Caterham dealer in the USA. We only sell and work on new and vintage British sports cars, it’s our passion and we love what we do!

Racing across the country at the famed tracks, we have built winning engines, and set up a varied eclectic range of racing cars for competition; Weber, Triumph, Ford (push rod or twin-cam) S.U., and safety prep. – we have done it all! We are passionate about the sport of vintage racing. Being North and Central Florida's Morgan dealer combined with our racing background, makes us your complete sports car agent. Contact us and experience your Morgan with our racers' edge!

Christopher John Ltd. brings 25 years of sports car knowledge, historic racing service, and a passion for all things Morgan! Located on the east coast of Florida in the heart of Daytona Beach. Close to Orlando, Jacksonville, and just a short trip from Florida's West Coast, the Mid-century building is the perfect backdrop to showcase the iconic Morgan brand.

The Morgan Motor Company has over 80 dealers worldwide, and we are very proud to be associated with such a prestigious and exclusive brand. As your local Morgan dealer, we are dedicated to protecting Morgan's heritage and values.

Just as everyone involved in the design and manufacture of Morgan cars is committed to the highest quality standards, we as a dealership are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations through superior service levels.

Owning a Morgan is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, details of the services available to you are provided on this site.

"Thank you for your interest in Morgan Motor Cars. We are about living the automobile lifestyle and the joy of owning a Morgan car."

- Christopher John Ltd.

Our Passion
for racing


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1052 North Beach St.

Daytona Beach, FL 32117

(772) 634-4363 Christopher

(772) 233-3929 JP

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