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World’s longest-established constructors of racing cars


The Crosslé 9S TC

The Crosslé factory in Ireland continues to uphold their traditional methods of creating hand built race cars, which they have done continuously for over 60 years.

As the sole importer/dealer for the Crossle 9S TC, we are bringing a whole new avenue to the under 2L class of sports racers for vintage racing. The 9S raced in the 60's with the likes of Lotus, Brabham, Lola, and Elva, among others.

The Crossle race car in itself presents a unique opportunity for a certain breed of vintage racer; one who wants pedigree, style, and new construction in a completely legal format approved for racing with HSR, SVRA as well as the SCCA.

The Crosslé 9S is built to the exact standard of the original winning racing cars. From the original jigs, and implementing trained craftsmanship instilled by founder Dr. John Crossle MBE. With its classic Ford 1.6 twin cam engine, Hewland gearbox, aluminum side pods, and stunning slippery shape, this is truly a beautiful purpose-built racing car.

Combined with the latest legal safety equipment, this is a proven winning sports racer that affords its owner a complete turn-key racing car. The reliability of new components, combined with the glamour of a 60's sports racer and the prestige of a winning history - all part of the appeal that Crosslé 9S ownership offers, in a legal USA vintage racing package.

Each car is built to order, and customers can choose from a variety of colors. With a lead time of approx. 3-4 months after we receive your deposit, the Crosslé 9S is available for order now.

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