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Direct from Scotland we are excited to add the Raptor to our lineup

We are bringing together the classic concept of the the lightweight 7 style car with a upgrades chassis and suspension available in 10 colors and featuring our own special edition honoring the tradition of Scottish motorsport the "Glencoe Edition"

tartan seat inlays classic gauges and dash , Minilite wheels leather trim and Scottish blue paint , full windscreen , and full weather equipment and Motolita steering wheel.

Yes this is a special edition and it has trim details that make it so, but what makes it truly SPECIAL? 4 piston Willwood calipers, Alloy hubs, and full 11 piece GRP bodywork , topped off with a the fantastic Ford Ecoboost 235 hp. engine tuned for maximum power and torque mated to a 6 speed gearbox .

The Glencoe is light fast and looks the classic part but in the spirit of the great racers from Scotland there is a bolstered race seat , 5 point harnesses 15'' sticky tires set in slightly wider wheel arches . This is a special car and it's numbered dash plaque lets you know it .

We are proud to be bringing this superior design to America , you will be proud to own one . Car #1 is being build now , and we look forward to updating this page with photos of the build .

If your interested in a Glencoe Raptor , please contact us , we are of course taking orders on all 3 of our Raptor offerings .

We sell classic sportscars for a modern world right here in Daytona beach Florida .

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