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Post 2020 and the 65th Anniversary of ELVA ...


Here is the page that will detail the events planned to celebrate this Anniversary as and when arranged ... This dated Tues 8th January 2019 The SVRA group have arranged with the prestigious VIRGINIA INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY, located at Alton VA, for ELVA to celebrate the anniversary as the featured marque during the 2020 Heacock Classic Gold Cup weekend, the date in September 2020 to be confirmed shortly. I can provide initial contact details or go to the SVRA website for additional information. Our contact there has been Rick Parent ... Rick is an ELVA owner with a brace of Mk.VI sports racers currently under restoration.


We will update this page routinely. Meanwhile please direct questions to appropriate contact below:

General inquiries - Christopher Silvestri

Early Sports Racers - Roger or Stan Mason

Couriers -  Christopher Silvestri

For SVRA requirements, licences, registration etc - Rick Parent


More soonest ....