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The “Best of Britain” series, sponsored by Castrol Classic Oils & Pacto Vintage Helmets


There are many sides to vintage sports car racing. We lean towards the traditional approach here @christopherjohnltd 🏁


This edition of the “Best of Britain” series is sponsored by Castrol Classic Oils & Pacto Vintage Helmets, and endorsed by the VDCA and their philosophy of period authentic cars, all in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

We want to thank our friends over the VDCA for their willingness to make this beautiful event happen. 🇬🇧 🏁

Roebling Road — Our Hurricane in Savannah

Sep 3-4



Road Atlanta — The Peach State Historics

Sep 17-18


This race series is aimed to preserve the true spirit of the English sports car and it's ideal for the drivers looking to maintain the originality of both their cars and the sport of vintage motor racing.


Honest cars from the 50’s through the early 70’s that are prepared with integrity and good clean racing to match.


We are looking to bring a certain sense of camaraderie and like minded vintage racing back to the mindset of the swinging 60’s when our great British sports cars ruled the roads with style and lined the paddock every race weekend. We will encourage all racers with British production based cars to participate based on current safety regulations, group rules and standards. Along with our philosophy we bring into the series two great sponsors: Classic Castrol Oils from the UK, who has been there from the beginning of racing and distributed by Christopher John LTD and our friends from Costa Rica, Pacto Vintage Helmets, who are the envy of enthusiasts and collectors with their hand made helmets and authentic racing apparel.


Like all racing, the race will have a winner, and that’s what racing is all about, but I also want to acknowledge the British cars in the series as they are the stars, sanitary race prep and a well driven race car, regardless of the finish, may get our nod for the “Best of Britain” race.


We want the series to grow in conjunction with the VDCA, and give an opportunity for all the cars to shine!


Cheers to good racing! 🇬🇧


Contact Christopher & JP Silvestri

@ Christopher John LTD


this event is sponsored by

Classic Castrol Oil
PACTO Vintage Helmets
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