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Addictive power, unrivaled exhilaration and a true drivers sports car, the Plus Six heralds a new era of performance and refinement for the Morgan range.

The Morgan Plus Six is, unquestionably, the most dynamically capable Morgan ever produced. The recognisable Morgan silhouette is underpinned by an all-new platform and industry leading powertrain technology; every component has been refined or redesigned to create an all-new model.



Continuing Morgan’s successful two-decade partnership with BMW, the Plus Six features the latest generation BMW Turbo six-cylinder inline engine. This delivers 335 bhp, 369 lb ft of torque, and enables the Plus Six to travel from 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds.

The use of BMW’s latest powertrain technology not only delivers a more exhilarating, high performance sports car, it also provides gains in terms of fuel consumption and an overall cleaner engine.

An emissions figure of 180 g/km and a combined economy of 34 mpg establishes the Plus Six as one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles within the Morgan range.



The Plus Six is defined by the industry leading technology and engineering encompassed beneath it’s recognizable exterior.

Most notable is the all-new CX-Generation aluminium bonded platform that underpins the Plus Six. Designed and developed for use in Morgan’s high-performance models, the CX-Generation platform features a 100% increase in torsional rigidity over the previous aluminium platform utilized by Morgan.

Lightweight characteristics are an integral ingredient to any British sports car. The CX-Generation platform introduces a range of benefits at no extra weight penalty – in total the structure weighs less than 100kg and retains the same wheelbase as the previous generation aluminium platform vehicles.


Maintaining Morgan’s philosophy of lightweight craftsmanship and performance, the Plus Six weighs just 1,075kg in total, and features a greater number of occupant benefits and technology, while retaining the celebrated design synonymous with Morgan cars.

A culmination of hundreds of design changes and improvements are made possible thanks to the new processes and functionality that the CX-Generation platform introduces to Morgan.

Upon engaging with the vehicle, uplifts in material quality, fit and finish, aesthetic detailing and the engineering aptitude that has been applied to each component are immediately apparent. The Plus Six completely repositions Morgan’s flagship product and with it, the brand itself.

Like every Morgan, it is important that the vehicle presents the client with a flexible canvas to impart their own personality upon. The Plus Six offers greater levels of customization than ever before.




A newly designed, lightweight composite hard top takes inspiration from 1960s ‘road racers’, and is available as standard on all Plus Six Touring models.

Transforming the model to achieve an aesthetic to that of a coupe, the newly designed hard top is completely removable and provides owners with increased functionality and comfort whilst touring.  Each of the First Edition Plus Six models will be supplied with a hard top.


Newly designed wheels are introduced with the Plus Six. The deep dish, aperture forms and partially domed center offer a subtle reference to designs witnessed on early four wheeled Morgans. Whilst the proportions, spoke treatment and details of the wheel exude modernity and enhance the overall stance of the model. The combined effect of these factors results in a wheel design that compliments the technology, shape and power of the Plus Six.


The Plus Six features an all new, more driver focused and refined cockpit. A re-imagined interior offers greater levels of personalisation than any Morgan previously, whilst cleverly incorporating technology throughout. A display screen is neatly positioned within the driver’s field of vision, subtly embedded into the dashboard with an unlimited level of wood and color combinations. Sculpted doors incorporate all new puddle lighting, central locking mechanisms and hidden speakers.




Engine BMW B58 TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder engine
Gearbox ZF eight-speed automatic with sport, sport plus and manual shift modes 
Maximum power 335 bhp (250kW) @ 6,500rpm 
Maximum torque 369 lb ft (500Nm)
Acceleration 0 – 62 (0-100kph) 4.2 seconds 
Top speed 166mph (267kph) 
Fuel economy (combined) 34 mpg (8.2 l/100km) 
CO2 emissions 180g/km 
Dry weight 1,075kg
List price Call to discuss pricing and availability 772-634-4363

Technical Specification
Create your own Morgan Plus Six

Use the Plus Six Configurator to create your own specification. Tailor every detail, from paint color, wheel design, interior textiles and more.


Download the PDF and send it to us at

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