We Are Now Taking Orders for New Morgans! Morgan Roadster and Morgan Plus 4 Finally Available for the USA

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The Morgan Automobile

Made in Britain since 1909



Founded in 1909, Morgan cars have achieved fame throughout the world due to their unique blend of charisma, craftsmanship and performance. The Morgan Motor Company has evolved over 100 years into a true icon, a darling of the automotive industry and a brand synonymous with unrivalled excitement. Today, the ethos remains unchanged with a dedication to traditional craftsmanship and bespoke manufacturing.


Morgan is extremely proud of its heritage.


"We have established ourselves as a manufacturer synonymous with pure excellence, reinforced over time by our adherence to superior principles, higher standards and the best craftsmanship."


Leading design capability, an extensive array of luxurious materials and the latest drive-train technologies combine to create an unparalleled driving experience.


We are accepting orders for the new Morgan 3-Wheeler, which for years has been the sole Morgan model available in the USA. We happily add the Roadster 3.7 and the Plus 4 models to that lineup. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about ordering a new, bespoke Morgan.


To learn more about the new Morgan 3 Wheeler, Roadster 3.7 or Plus 4, or to place an order, send us an e-mail or call us at (772) 634-4363

If your aim is to own a traditional bodied new Morgan, we strongly suggest that you contact us - we will reserve your place on the wait list immediately.

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