Christopher John LTD Appointed dealer for Intermeccanica Speedster and Roadster !

Arriving August 6th this lovely Intermeccanica Speedster Porsche silver Metallic Haartz stayfast low bow top larger rear window Dark brown with beige lining . 2014 this Speedster was $71,779 with options ! very low miles As new available now $61,000 This is a stunning speedster in the perfect classic color and interior. Fast and loaded with options ! call 772 634 4363 Speedster buckets wide style . Full leather interior orig. wool square weave tan carpet 356 A style low bumper guards Flat Nardi steering wheel with intermeccanica hub all orig. Ivory color interior knobs and trim power port under dash H4 headlights additional sound deadening front quarter panel storage pockets hidden amplif

The perfect shoe for classic sports car driving

Est. 1972 - It all started out so classic-like. With our very first shoe, the process began in our Danish warehouse, about 25 kilometers from the grand cathedrals, foot bridges, and cobblestone streets of historic Copenhagen. The hand presses, the vast swatches of canvas and leather, the molding machines with their buttons and plates, the iron steamers that vulcanize rubber and look ready to exude great droplets of mist and heat—they all come together to create the instruments of our own “Danish orchestra.” The sounds—the tightening of metal vices, the turning of sundry screws, and the grinding of gears—this is the music of productivity; it is the symphony responsible for the creation of the

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